Press release: nura unveils nuraphone

...self-learning headphone that auto-tunes to your hearing

 AUSTRALIA, MELBOURNE – For decades, headphones have not accounted for the drastic differences in our individual hearing. Until now.

 Personalised sound pioneer nura launched its hotly anticipated nuraphone - a reinvention of the headphone that looks, feels and works in a radically different way to conventional headphones.

The secret to perfect sound is you

Built to deliver the most immersive experience of the music you love, at its core is a self-learning engine that automatically measures your hearing in 60 seconds by monitoring otoacoustic emissions – no need to take a “can you hear this?” test. nuraphones use this information to sonically mould the sound of the headphones to perfectly match your hearing and bring your music back into sharp focus. The learning process is performed using a companion app available free on iOS and Android. Once personalised, your profile is stored on the nuraphone. Up to three unique profiles can be stored at the same time, and the nuraphone can be enabled to recognise you each time you put them on. It’s a bit magic.

Control your immersion

The nuraphone is neither in-ear nor over-ear – it’s both. We call it inova™. This revolutionary architecture delivers bass you can feel, while maintaining crystal clear detail. It works by splitting the melodic sounds to an in-ear speaker, and bass sounds to an over-ear tactile driver that delivers the sound through your skin. For the first time you can adjust your level of immersion. Stand at the back of the room, or in the front row. This can be controlled in the companion app, and thanks to the dual isolation of inova™, they don’t let any noise in or leak sound out.

With quality comes comfort

Built with honest materiality – the nuraphone is crafted with light-weight aluminium cups, and a high grade stainless steel band. Soft, conforming silicon matches perfectly to your skin providing superior comfort, and a novel active, bass-driven ventilation system keeps your ears cool even after hours of listening.

Simplifying your connection to music

Connecting to your music has never been easier. nuraphone feature aptX-HD Bluetooth for state of the art wireless connectivity – along with a universal port used for charging and connecting to cable options supporting USB-A, USB-C, micro USB, Lightning and 3.5mm analog. The battery lasts 20 hours. Listen all day, charge at night.

nura CEO Dragan Petrovic comments...

"A person’s hearing is as unique as their fingerprint or voice. With the nuraphones, we can automatically adapt the sound-system to match your unique hearing system. For the first time, you can share and compare how you hear with others – something that has never been possible before. We are excited to leverage our technology to deliver perfect sound to every individual."


nura celebrated the release with its #WhatsYourSound campaign featuring listening parties across North America, Europe, and Australia giving consumers a chance to experience first-hand the magic of the nuraphone. nura was an official partner with the renowned Pitchfork festival in Paris and Loop by Ableton in Berlin.

About nura

nura is a passionate group of music loving scientists, engineers, and creatives. Based in Melbourne, Australia nura was founded in 2016 with the ground-breaking idea of using the otoacoustic emission to create headphones that automatically learn and adapt to your unique hearing. This idea led to the invention of the nuraphone. In July 2016, nura crowdfunded the nuraphone — raising $1.8M, the largest in Australian Kickstarter history. In March 2017, nura raised a further $5M Seed Round led by Blackbird Ventures, SOS Ventures and Qulagro VC.

Notes to Editor

"Do you hear what I hear? Nope. And these headphones adapt for that... impeccably" – Digital Trends

"nuraphones by nura are a revolutionary kind of headphone and probably the most innovative you can get" – FORBES

"The nuraphones are something to be cherished" – BBC FOCUS

Press Contacts

Tech: Mariam Shahid | [email protected]

Music: Sofia Ilyas | [email protected]

The nuraphone retails for £349. Available exclusively at

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